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VideoBook App Support

VideoBook FAQ

When I launch the app it asks if it can access my device’s camera.

Tap “yes” This app works by using your device’s camera. If you tap “no,” the videos won’t play.

I launched the app and tapped the screen. Now I just see a black screen with some buttons on it.

You’re in camera mode and ready to play a video! Simply hold the device over the companion book’s front cover till you can see it on your screen.

I can’t get the video(s) to play.

· Do you have the book(s)? This VideoBook app requires you to have the companion book for each video in order to play it.

· Are you holding the device over the book’s front cover? Make sure you can see the entire cover of the book in your screen, and hold the device steady.

Do I have to hold the device over the book the whole time the video is playing?

Once the video begins, you can move the device to a more comfortable viewing position.

How can I play the video again?

Repeat the steps to replay the video: launch the app, tap the screen, and then hold the device over the book’s front cover.

How can I pause the video?

· Tap the screen while the video is playing and then tap any of the buttons at the bottom. Doing so will take you to the Library, How-To, or About screen. Close those screens by tapping the X in the top left corner, and your video will resume playing.

· Tap the home button on your device while the video is playing, but don’t close the app. When you re-enter the app, your video will resume playing.

How can I stop the video?

Tap the X in the corner at any time to stop the video.

I launch the app but my screen is black.

You might have set the app camera access to OFF/DENY. Please go to your device’s system area and set the camera to ON/ALLOW so our VideoBook app can have camera access.

Select the System icon
Scroll down to Videobook and Select it
Set the Camera slider to ON

​Select the Settings icon​
Select Apps
​Scroll down to Videobook and Select it
Select Permissions
Set the Camera slider to ON